Obtaining of hydroxylated fullerenes Y@C82OX(OH)Y, Y2@C82OX(OH)Y, Y2C2@C82OX(OH)Y and electrophysical characteristic of composite film based thereon

Churilov, Grigory N.; Dudnik, Alexander I.; Drokin, Nikolay A.; Vnukova, Natalia G.; Tomashevich, Evgeniy V.; Bondarev, Vitaliy S. Source: FULLERENES NANOTUBES AND CARBON NANOSTRUCTURES, 26 (12):799-803; 10.1080/1536383X.2018.1501559 DEC 2 2018

The article presents, for the first time, the results of the research on composite film obtained from hydroxylated endohedral metallofullerenes (EMF) Y@C82, Y2@C82, with Y2C2@C82 and highest fullerenes as dopant. The composite film has been established to have electric conductivity and to be a ferroelectric with the value of residual polarization of ∼0.75 μC/cm2. The impedance spectroscopy of this sample allowed us to determine dispersion of dielectric permittivity and conductivity in the range of frequencies of 0.5 Hz–100 MHz. It is stated that the value of the high-frequency dielectric permittivity of films is ε = 2.8. However, with reduction in the electric field frequency, real and imaginary parts of ε increase to values ∼104–105. Such increase in dielectric permittivity is connected with increase in polarizing caused by accumulation of mobile electric charges (electrons of ions, protons) on boundaries of the structural defects of a film, which are divided by thin dielectric interlayers. The film is solid electrolyte with the ionic conductivity of ∼5 × 10−7 S/cm.