Nonequilibrium Green's Functions in the Atomic Representation and the Problem of Quantum Transport of Electrons Through Systems With Internal Degrees of Freedom

Val'kov, V. V.; Aksenov, S. V. Source: THEORETICAL AND MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, 194 (2):236-251; 10.1134/S0040577918020046 FEB 2018

We develop the theory of quantum transport of electrons through systems with strong correlations between fermionic and internal spin degrees of freedom. The atomic representation for the Hamiltonian of a device and nonequilibrium Green’s functions constructed using the Hubbard operators allow overcoming difficulties in the perturbation theory encountered in the traditional approach because of a larger number of bare scattering amplitudes. Representing the matrix elements of effective interactions as a superposition of terms each of which is split in matrix indices, we obtain a simple method for solving systems of very many equations for nonequilibrium Green’s functions in the atomic representation. As a result, we obtain an expression describing the electron currents in a device one of whose sites is in tunnel coupling with the left contact and the other, with the right contact. We derive closed kinetic equations for the occupation numbers under conditions where the electron flow leads to significant renormalization of them.