Mechanism of Surface Reinforcement of Steels by Nanocarbon Materials Using Laser Heating

Bocharov, GS; Eletskii, AV; Zilova, OS; Terentyev, EV; Fedorovich, SD; Chudina, OV; Churilov, GN PHYSICS OF METALS AND METALLOGRAPHY, 119 (2):197-201; 10.1134/S0031918X18010052 FEB 2018

The mechanism of the surface reinforcement and wear resistance of steel products are studied as a result of creating the strengthening layers with the nanocarbon using the laser heating. Laser surface treatment using soot remaining after fullerene extraction leads to a more than fivefold increase in the microhardness (up to 1086 HV) and a decrease in the friction coefficient by 20–30%. The conclusion that the reinforcement mechanism involves the formation of eutectic, cementite, martensite, the cellular substructure, and grain refinement is carried out based on metallographic studies of the strengthened layers of technically pure iron with a thickness of 20–70 μm.