Magnetic Parameters of Separation Products and Impurity Aggregates in Concentrates

Yakubailik, E. K.; Ganzhenko, I. M.; Balaev, A. D.; Butov, P. Yu. Source: JOURNAL OF MINING SCIENCE, 53 (6):1133-1140; 10.1134/S1062739117063233 NOV 2017

The changes in separation performance and magnetic characteristics of separation products is traced along the processing circuit of Abagur concentrator at a laboratory scale in order to determine the limit content of magnetite iron in impurity aggregates in the concentrate. The wet magnetic analysis is carried out in the field of H = 175 kA/m, and the magnetic characteristics are determined in the vibration magnetic detector in the field up to 800 kA/m. The concentrate impurity content is governed by the relative content of barren rock and ore aggregates removable in concentration at the given level of the technology.