Magnetic and Magnetodielectric Properties of Ho0.5Nd0.5Fe3(BO3)(4)

Gudim, I. A.; Demidov, A. A.; Eremin, E. V.; Shukla, D. K. Source: PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 60 (10):1989-1998; 10.1134/S1063783418100086 OCT 2018

The magnetic and magnetodielectric properties of Ho0.5Nd0.5Fe3(BO3)4 ferroborate with the competing Ho–Fe and Nd–Fe exchange couplings have been experimentally and theoretically investigated. Step anomalies in the magnetization curves at the spin-reorientation transition induced by the magnetic field Bc have been found. The spontaneous spin-reorientation transition temperature TSR ≈ 8 K has been refined. The measured magnetic properties and observed features are interpreted using a single theoretical approach based on the molecular field approximation and calculations within the crystal field model of the rare-earth ion. Interpretation of the experimental data includes determination of the crystal field parameters for Ho3+ and Nd3+ ions in Ho0.5Nd0.5Fe3(BO3)4 and parameters of the Ho–Fe and Nd–Fe exchange couplings.