Low Noise Wideband Thin-Film Magnetometer

Babitskii, AN; Belyaev, BA; Boev, NM; Izotov, AV 2017 IEEE SENSORS, 316-318; 2017 Unique ID: WOS:000427677500104 16th IEEE SENSORS CONFERENCE

A novel low noise and wide bandwidth thin magnetic film magnetometer based on a ferromagnetic resonance phenomenon is presented in the article. The magnetometer is characterized by a high sensitivity in a wide frequency range from a direct component of the field and up to 10(5)...10(8) Hz. The magnetometer noise level is lower 10-(12) T/Hz(1/2) at frequencies above 10(2) Hz. The magnetometer conversion factor is constant at the whole operating frequency band. The developed magnetometer is simple and inexpensive for mass production.