Fabrication and DC/AC Characterization of 3-Terminal Ferromagnet/Silicon Spintronics Devices

Tarasov, A. S.; Lukyanenko, A. V.; Bondarev, I. A.; Rautskii, M. V.; Baron, F. A.; Smolyarova, T. E.; Yakovlev, I. A.; Varnakov, S. N.; Ovchinnikov, S. G.; Volkov, N. V. Source: SEMICONDUCTORS, 52 (14):1875-1878; 10.1134/S1063782618140312 DEC 2018

CMOS and SOI technology compatible structures and devices are currently intensively investigated by many research groups, since various effects observed in such structures can be relatively easy implemented in electronic devices thereby expanding their functionality. The most promising is the research and development of spintronic devices, which will allow using both electron charge and spin degrees of freedom for transmission, storage and processing of information. In this work we report the fabrication process of 3-terminal (3-T) ferromagnet/silicon devices of two types. First is the planar Fe3Si/Si 3-T structure with 5 μm gap between closest ferromagnetic electrodes. Second is silicon nanowire back-gate transistor with Fe film source and drain synthesized on SOI substrate. Transport and magnetotransport properties of both devices are investigated.