Evaluation of Additional Iron Recovery from Iron Ore Tailings

Yakubailik, EK; Balaev, AD; Ganzhenko, IM JOURNAL OF MINING SCIENCE, 53 (3):559-564; 10.1134/S1062739117032511 MAY 2017

The article demonstrates feasibility of additional iron recovery from the secondary kind of mineral raw materials—dry magnetic separation tailings obtained at crushing and processing factories of Abaza and Irba and wet magnetic separation tailing produced at Abagur processing plant of Evrazruda. Dry centrifugal separation treatment of Abaza tailings–3 mm in size allowed 6.3% of middlings with Fetotal and Femag contents of 40.4 and 32%, respectively; the result of dry magnetic separation of Irba tailings -5 mm in size is 7.7% middlings with the content of Fetotal and Femag 39.9 and 30.8%. Wet magnetic separation of Abagur tailings -0.007 mm in size allowed recovery of 0.6 to 1.45% of magnetic fraction with Fetotal content of 53.3 and 51.6%, respectively, and Femag content of 49.8 and 48.5%. Fitting of modern separators with the magnetic systems based on neodymium–ferrum–boron considerably improves output of the machines (in dry centrifugal separation circuit) and enhances the yield of magnetic product in wet separation of tailings.