Effect of Long-Period Ordering of the Structure of a Plant on the Initial Stages of Photosynthesis

Korshunov, MA; Shabanov, AV; Bukhanov, ER; Shabanov, VF DOKLADY PHYSICS, 63 (1):1-4; 10.1134/S1028335818010068 JAN 2018

Using data on the structure of plant leaves, specific features of light propagation in biophotoniccrystal structures have been established by the transfer matrix method. Splitting of the stopband in two bands has been found. The density of photonic states and the electromagnetic field value have been calculated. The occurrence of two photosystems (splitting of the stopband in two bands), the peculiarity of the long-wavelength quantum yield and its enhancement (Emerson effect), and water dissociation in the soft mode due to an increase in the electromagnetic field on the layers are explained.