Collective motion of magnetization in two-dimensional arrays of square elements

Kim, PD; Orlov, VA; Rudenko, RY; Kobyakov, AV; Lukyanenko, AV; Prokopenko, VS; Orlova, IN; Rudenko, TV EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B, 91 (5):10.1140/epjb/e2018-90006-0 MAY 30 2018

The resonance in a two-dimensional array of square ferromagnetic elements has been experimentally investigated. The magnetization of the elements is shown to be in the vortex state. The resonance peak splitting in the array with increasing density of the elements has been established. The explanation of this phenomenon is proposed and eigenfrequencies of the collective modes are theoretically estimated. Different combinations of polarities and chiralities of the nearest elements in the array are examined.