Co-substitution in Ca1-xYxAl12-xMgxO19 phosphors: local structure evolution, photoluminescence tuning and application for plant growth LEDs

Zheng, Yinjian; Zhang, Haiming; Zhang, Haoran; Xia, Zhiguo; Liu, Yingliang; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Lei, Bingfu JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, 6 (15):4217-4224; 10.1039/c8tc00165k APR 21 2018

Herein, Mn4+-activated Ca1−xYxAl12−xMgxO19 (x = 0–0.50) solid solutions were prepared using a conventional high-temperature solid-state reaction. Crystal structure transformation via chemical co-substitution of Y3+/Mg2+ for Ca2+/Al3+ was investigated in detail. The optical properties of Ca1−xYxAl12−xMgxO19 (x = 0–0.50) have been reported for the first time using a combination of techniques including structural refinement and luminescence measurements. Co-doping of Mg and Y cations within the CaAl12O19 host in a controlled manner resulted in the as-prepared samples with red/far-red ratio-tunable luminescence properties. The emission bands well-matched with the absorption band of phytochrome. Interestingly, enhanced Mn4+ luminescence can be obtained upon the addition of Mg2+ and Y3+. Unexpectedly, the quantum yields exhibit a slight change when x is in the range from 0.05 to 0.40; this indicates that these solid solutions have significant potential as lighting systems for plant growth.