Co-In2O3 Nanocomposite Films: Synthesis and Structural and Magnetic Properties

Bykova, L. E.; Zhigalov, V. S.; Myagkov, V. G.; Volochaev, M. N.; Matsynin, A. A.; Bondarenko, G. N.; Patrin, G. S. Source: PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 60 (10):2072-2077; 10.1134/S1063783418100049 OCT 2018

The structural and magnetic properties of granular Co–In2O3 nanocomposite films formed by vacuum annealing of In/Co3O4 film bilayers at a temperature of 550°C have been investigated. The synthesized Co–In2O3 films contain ferromagnetic cobalt nanoclusters with an average size of 60 nm and a magnetization of ~340 emu/cm3 surrounded by the In2O3 layer and exhibit the thermally activated conductivity.