Two-dimensional antiferromagnetic correlations in an La1.4Sr1.6(Mn0.9Co0.1)(2)O-7 single crystal

Bykov, A. A.; Zobkalo, I. A.; Dubrovskii, A. A.; Smirnov, O. P.; Nikitin, S. E.; Terent'ev, K. Yu.; Gavrilov, S. V.; Shaikhutdinov, K. A. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL AND THEORETICAL PHYSICS, 124 (5):786-791; Doi: 10.1134/S1063776117050120 MAY 2017

The temperature and field dependences of the magnetization, the electrical resistivity, and the magnetostriction of bilayer lanthanum manganite La1.4Sr1.6Mn2O7 single crystals and cobalt-doped La1.4Sr1.6(Mn0.9Cu0.1)2O7 are measured. The magnetostriction of the cobalt-doped compound increases as compared to the initial La1.4Sr1.6Mn2O7 compound, and the magnetization and the magnetoresistance of the former compound change substantially. Powder and single-crystal neutron diffraction patterns are used to detect ferromagnetic ordering in La1.4Sr1.6(Mn0.9Co0.1)2O7 at a temperature below TC ~ 45(2) K, and this ordering coexists with antiferromagnetic correlations, which develop at temperatures below TC ~ 80(5) K.