Thiobarbiturate and barbiturate salts of pefloxacin drug: Growth, structure, thermal stability and IR-spectra

Golovnev, Nicolay N.; Molokeey, Maxim S.; Lesnikov, Maxim K.; Sterkhova, Irina V.; Atuchin, Victor V. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, 1149 367-372; 10.1016/j.molstruc.2017.08.011 DEC 5 2017

Three new salts of pefloxacin (PefH) with thiobarbituric (H2tba) and barbituric (H2ba) acids, pefloxacinium 2-thiobarbiturate trihydrate, PefH2(Htba)·3H2O (1), pefloxacinium 2-thiobarbiturate, PefH2(Htba) (2) and bis(pefloxacinium barbiturate) hydrate, (PefH2)2(Hba)2·2.56H2O (3) are synthesized and structurally characterized by the X-ray single-crystal diffraction. The structures of 13 contain intramolecular hydrogen bonds CH⋯F, OH⋯O. Intermolecular hydrogen bonds NH⋯O and OH⋯O form a 2D plane network in 1. In 2 and 3, intermolecular hydrogen bonds NH⋯O form the infinite chains. In 13, the Htba and Hba ions are connected with PefH2+ only by one intermolecular hydrogen bond NH⋯O. In 2 and 3, two Htba and Hba ions are connected by two hydrogen bonds NH⋯O. These pairs form infinite chains. All three structures are stabilized by the π−π interactions of the head-to-tail type between PefH2+ ions. Compounds 2 and 3 are characterized by powder XRD, TG-DSC and FT-IR.