Thermal, Optical, and Dielectric Properties of Fluoride Rb2TaF7

Pogorel'tsev, E. I.; Mel'nikova, S. V.; Kartashev, A. V.; Gorev, M. V.; Flerov, I. N.; Laptash, N. M. PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 59 (5):986-991; Doi: 10.1134/S1063783417050250 MAY 2017

The thermal, optical, and dielectric properties of fluoride Rb2TaF7 were investigated. It was observed that the variation in chemical pressure in fluorides A2+TaF7 caused by the cation substitution of rubidium for ammonium does not affect the ferroelastic nature of structural distortions, but leads to stabilization of the high- and low-temperature phases and enhancement of birefringence. The entropy of the phase transition P4/nmmCmma is typical of the shift transformations, which is consistent with a model of the initial and distorted phase structures. The anisotropy of chemical pressure causes the change of signs of the anomalous strain and baric coefficient dT/dp of Rb2TaF7 as compared with the values for its ammonium analog.

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