Structuring in Fast-Quenched Ferrite Compositions under Plasma Spraying

Lepeshev, A. A.; Karpov, I. V.; Ushakov, A. V.; Nagibin, G. E.; Dorozhkina, E. A.; Karpova, O. N.; Demin, V. G.; Shaikhadinov, A. A. TECHNICAL PHYSICS, 62 (6):911-914; Doi: 10.1134/S1063784217060196 JUN 2017

The influence of the quench rate on structuring in spinel ferrites has been studied. It has been found that, when the quench rate is increased, the equilibrium spinel structure gradually becomes disordered. At the first stage, the statistically homogeneous (or almost homogeneous) redistribution of cations over crystal lattice sites has been observed. Then, the fcc lattice of the anion framework breaks down, the translational symmetry disappears, and topological chaos arises. The resulting cluster structural state is thermodynamically unstable, and heating of quenched ferrites causes stepwise energy liberation. As a result, the activity of ferrite powders in solid-state and catalytic reactions rises.