Reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy of structures based on silicon and transition metals

Parshin, A. S.; Igumenov, A. Yu; Mikhlin, Yu L.; Pchelyakov, O. P.; Zhigalov, V. S. XX INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE RESHETNEV READINGS-2016, 255 10.1088/1757-899X/255/1/012019 2017

The investigation of iron silicides FeSi2, FeSi and Fe5Si3 with the methods of reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy and inelastic electron scattering cross-section spectroscopy was carried out. It is shown that the shape and peak energy position of electron energy loss spectra are almost identical to silicides with different composition, while the amplitude of inelastic electron scattering cross-section spectra decreases with increasing of iron content. The decomposition of inelastic electron scattering cross-section spectra of FeSi2, FeSi and Fe5Si3 to Tougaard peaks is used for unresolved energy loss peaks analysis, determination its energies and identification bulk and surface peaks. The amplitude of fitting peak describing bulk plasmon excitation can be used for identification of the iron silicides with different composition.