Polarization of Light by a Polymer Film Containing Elongated Drops of Liquid Crystal with Inhomogeneous Interfacial Anchoring

Loiko, V. A.; Konkolovich, A. V.; Zyryanov, V. Ya.; Miskevich, A. A. OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY, 122 (6):984-994; Doi: 10.1134/S0030400X1706011X JUN 2017

An optico-mechanical model describing the coherent (directed) transmittance and the degree of polarization of forward-transmitted light by a polymer film with elongated liquid-crystal (LC) drops has been developed. This model, based on the Foldy–Twersky and anomalous-diffraction approximations, makes it possible to analyze the optical response of a film under extension as a function of the film thickness, refractive index of the polymer, the sizes and anisometry parameters of liquid-crystal drops, their concentration, internal structure, polydispersity, and orientation of optical axes. The model is verified based on the comparison of numerical and experimental data for the inverse modification of interfacial anchoring by an ion-forming surfactant. The internal drop structure is determined by solving the problem of minimizing the volume free energy density. A comparative analysis of the calculated transmittance and degree of polarization for films with uniform homeotropic and modified inhomogeneous interfacial anchoring is performed. The spectral polarization characteristics of a film with elongated LC drops and single-domain internal structure, formed under mechanical extension with the aid of surfactants, are investigated.