Phase formation of (Y,Ce)(2)BaAl4SiO12 yellow microcrystal-glass phosphor for blue LED pumped white lighting

Ji, Haipeng; Cho, Yujin; Wang, Le; Hirosaki, Naoto; Molokeev, Maxim S.; Huang, Zhaohui; Xie, Rong-Jun CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 43 (8):6425-6429; Doi: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.02.055 JUN 1 2017

The (Y,Ce)2BaAl4SiO12 phosphor, a garnet-structured blue-to-yellow color convertor for WLED, exhibits an interesting “microcrystal-glass powder” feature, which can be regarded as the 4th form for phosphor, in addition to the “ceramic powder phosphor”, the “single crystal phosphor” and the “glass-ceramic phosphor”. The structure exhibits luminescent microcrystals embedding in non-luminescent glass matrix: the spherical crystals are mainly arranged around the glass phase forming a “necklace” pattern, while the individual crystals show a “core-shell” architecture regarding the luminescence intensity variation. Further combining the phase evolution evidence evaluated by Rietveld refinement, we propose the formation mechanism for such unique morphology/structure as a two-stage process, including an initial nucleation by solid state reaction and following liquid-assisted crystal growth, instead of a precipitation-crystallization process.

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