On the Effect of an Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field and Many-body Localization on the Increase in the Second Moment of Multiple-Quantum NMR with Time

Zobov, V. E.; Lundin, A. A. JETP LETTERS, 105 (8):514-518; Doi: 10.1134/S0021364017080148 APR 2017

A change in the time dependence of the second moment of the distribution of intensities of coherences with various orders in the spectrum of multiple-quantum NMR in a solid at the inclusion of an inhomogeneous magnetic field in the effective interaction is studied. Both the secular dipole–dipole and nonspecular twoquantum interactions are considered as nucleus–nucleus interactions, which correspond to traditional experimental realizations. It is shown that, with an increase in the magnitude of the inhomogeneous field, an exponential increase in the second moment of multiple-quantum NMR with time changes to a power-law increase. The results obtained in this work indicate that this second moment, which determines the average number of dynamically correlated spins, can be used as a convenient characteristic for studying a transition to a many-body localized state.