Magnetic structure of Cu2MnBO5 ludwigite: thermodynamic, magnetic properties and neutron diffraction study

Moshkina, Evgeniya; Ritter, Clemens; Eremin, Evgeniy; Sofronova, Svetlana; Kartashev, Andrey; Dubrovskiy, Andrey; Bezmaternykh, Leonard JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 29 (24): Doi: 10.1088/1361-648X/aa7020 JUN 21 2017

We report on the thermodynamic, magnetic properties and the magnetic structure of ludwigite-type Cu2MnBO5. The specific heat, low-field magnetization and paramagnetic susceptibility were studied on a single crystal and combined with powder neutron diffraction data. The temperature dependence of the specific heat and the neutron diffraction pattern reveal a single magnetic phase transition at T  =  92 K, which corresponds to the magnetic ordering into a ferrimagnetic phase. The cation distribution and the values and directions of magnetic moments of ions in different crystallographic sites are established. The magnetic moments of Cu2+ and Mn3+ ions occupying different magnetic sites in the ferrimagnetic phase are pairwise antiparallel and their directions do not coincide with the directions of the principal crystallographic axes. The small value of the magnetic moment of copper ions occupying site 2a is indicative of partial disordering of the magnetic moments on this site. The magnetization measurements show a strong temperature hysteresis of magnetization, which evidences for field-dependent transitions below the phase transition temperature.

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