Magnetic ground state of the Ising-like antiferromagnet DyScO3

Wu, L. S.; Nikitin, S. E.; Frontzek, M.; Kolesnikov, A. I.; Ehlers, G.; Lumsden, M. D.; Shaykhutdinov, K. A.; Guo, E. -J.; Savici, A. T.; Gai, Z.; Sefat, A. S.; Podlesnyak, A. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 96 (14):10.1103/PhysRevB.96.144407 OCT 5 2017

We report on the low-temperature magnetic properties of the DyScO3 perovskite, which were characterized by means of single crystal and powder neutron scattering, and by magnetization measurements. Below TN=3.15 K, Dy3+ moments form an antiferromagnetic structure with an easy axis of magnetization lying in the ab plane. The magnetic moments are inclined at an angle of ±28 to the b axis. We show that the ground-state Kramers doublet of Dy3+ is made up of primarily |±15/2 eigenvectors and well separated by a crystal field from the first excited state at E1=24.9 meV. This leads to an extreme Ising single-ion anisotropy, M/M0.05. The transverse magnetic fluctuations, which are proportional to M2/M2, are suppressed, and only moment fluctuations along the local Ising direction are allowed. We also found that the Dy-Dy dipolar interactions along the crystallographic c axis are two to four times larger than in-plane interactions.