Magnetic, dielectric, and transport properties of bismuth pyrostannate Bi-2(Sn0.9Mn0.1)(2)O-7

Aplesnin, S. S.; Udod, L. V.; Sitnikov, M. N.; Molokeev, M. S.; Tarasova, L. S.; Yanushkevich, K. I. PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 59 (11):2268-2273; 10.1134/S1063783417110038 NOV 2017

The effect of replacing manganese ions on the structural, dielectric, transport, and magnetic properties of Bi2(Sn0.9Mn0.1)2O7 has been studied and the correlation between them has been determined. The change in the type of thermal processes and the thermopower sign upon polymorphous transitions were detected by differential scanning calorimetry. The paramagnetic Curie temperature and the antiferromagnetic interaction were determined in the martensite and austenite phases. The type of current carriers has been established.