Fano antiresonance induced by the rashba spin-orbit coupling in systems with conduction channels exhibiting the points of nonanalyticity in fermion paths

Val'kov, V. V.; Fedoseev, A. D. JETP LETTERS, 106 (5):302-307; 10.1134/S0021364017170131 SEP 2017

It is shown that the combined effect of the nonanalyticity of the channel for the motion of charge carriers and the Rashba spin−orbit coupling induces resonant anomalies in the transport characteristics of nanosystems related to the size quantization. When the characteristic length determined by the ratio of the hopping integral and the spin−orbit coupling constant coincides with the distance between the points of nonanalyticity, the size effect arises in the channel. It manifests itself in the complete reflection from the device, which can be treated as the Fano antiresonance. The current−voltage characteristics of the nanosystem with the nonanalytical channel undergo significant changes at slight variations of the spin−orbit coupling constant near its critical value.