Effect of the intersite Coulomb interaction on chiral superconductivity at the noncollinear spin ordering

Val'kov, V. V.; Zlotnikov, A. O. PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, 59 (11):2120-2126; 10.1134/S1063783417110300 NOV 2017

We investigate the effect of the intersite Coulomb interaction in a planar system with the triangular lattice on the structure of chiral order parameter Δ(p) in the phase of coexisting superconductivity and noncollinear 120° magnetic ordering. It has been established that the Coulomb correlations in this phase initiate the state where the quasi-momentum dependence Δ(p) can be presented as a superposition of the chiral invariants corresponding to the dx2y2+idxy

and px + ipy symmetry types. It is demonstrated that the inclusion of the Coulomb interaction shifts the Δ(p) nodal point positions and, thereby, changes the conditions for a quantum topological transition.