Director configurations in nematic droplets with tilted surface anchoring

Krakhalev, MN; Prishchepa, OO; Sutormin, VS; Zyryanov, VY LIQUID CRYSTALS, 44 (2):355-363; Doi: 10.1080/02678292.2016.1205225 JAN 2017

The polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystal (LC) with the tilted surface anchoring has been studied. The droplet orientational structures with two point surface defects – boojums and the surface ring defect – are formed within the films. The director tilt angle α = 40° ± 4° at the droplet interface and LC surface anchoring strength Ws ~ 10–6 (J m−2) have been estimated. The bipolar axes within the studied droplets of oblate ellipsoidal form can be randomly oriented are oriented randomly relatively to the ellipsoid axes as opposed to the droplets with homeotropic and tangential anchoring.

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