Development of KM-60 based orbit control propulsion subsystem for geostationary satellite

Vorontsov, VV; Kostin, AN; Lovtsov, AS; Volkov, DV; Ermoshkin, YM; Yakimov, EN; Gorshkov, OA; Ostapushchenko, AA; Udalov, DV; Arkhipov, YS; Buldashev, SA ELECTRIC PROPULSIONS AND THEIR APPLICATION, 185 319-325; 10.1016/j.proeng.2017.03.310 2017

The paper contains the development results of an orbit-control electric jet propulsion subsystem intended for a geostationary satellite based on the EXPRESS-1000 family medium class platform. The subsystem is based on the newly-developed KM-60 thrusters featuring an increased specific pulse, and equipped with a Xenon storage tank made of composites, a small-sized Xenon feed unit, PPU and dedicated software. During the development stage, scientific and technical tasks were carried out to ensure thruster performance stability over the lifetime, to create a power processing system featuring increased output voltage, and a control unit operating through a multiplex data bus. As a result, a thruster subsystem significantly exceeding similar subsystems in main parameters was developed and implemented.