Development of in situ magneto-ellipsometry for studying correlation between the optical and magneto-optical properties of ferromagnetic thin films

Maximova, OA; Kosyrev, NN; Varnakov, SN; Lyashchenko, SA; Tarasov, IA; Yakovlev, IA; Maximova, OM; Shevtsov, DV; Ovchinnikov, SG 8TH JOINT EUROPEAN MAGNETIC SYMPOSIA (JEMS2016), 903 10.1088/1742-6596/903/1/012060 2017

In this work we present the way of nanostructured films study by means of magneto-ellipsometry. The method of interpretation of in situ magneto-optical ellipsometry spectra from the in situ molecular beam epitaxy setup with an integrated magneto-ellipsometric real time synthesis control is described. The method has been successfully tested on Fe/SiO2/Si nanostructures within the model of a homogeneous semi-infinite medium. As a result, the dielectric tensor components for Fe layer were calculated using a developed approach.