Bipolar configuration with twisted loop defect in chiral nematic droplets under homeotropic surface anchoring

Krakhalev, Mikhail N.; Gardymova, Anna P.; Prishchepa, Oxana O.; Rudyak, Vladimir Yu.; Emelyanenko, Alexander V.; Liu, Jui-Hsiang; Zyryanov, Victor Ya. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 7 10.1038/s41598-017-15049-6 NOV 6 2017

Optical textures and appropriate orientational structures have been studied within droplets of chiral nematic dispersed in polymer assigning the homeotropic anchoring. The helix axis of the chiral structure inside droplets forms the bipolar configuration. The optical droplet textures were analysed in the unpolarised light, analyser switching-off scheme and in crossed polarisers. The twisted loop defect reveals itself convincingly in all schemes. Its appearance at the optical patterns of the chiral nematic droplets has been examined depending on their size and the aspect direction. The existence of the defect has been verified by the structural and optical calculations. The effect of an electric field on both the defect line shape and the orientational structure of chiral nematic has been studied.