Anomalous behaviour of thermodynamic properties at successive phase transitions in (NH4)(3)GeF7

Bogdanov, Evgeniy V.; Kartashev, Andrey V.; Pogoreltsev, Evgeniy I.; Gorev, Mikhail V.; Laptash, Natalia M.; Flerov, Igor N. JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY, 256 162-167; 10.1016/j.jssc.2017.09.010 DEC 2017

Heat capacity, thermal dilatation, susceptibility to hydrostatic pressure and dielectric properties associated with succession of three phase transitions below room temperature in double fluoride salt (NH4)3GeF7 were studied. A possible transformation into the parent Pm-3m cubic phase was not observed up to the decomposition of compound. Nonferroelectric nature of structural distortions was confirmed. The DTA under pressure studies revealed a high temperature stability of two phases: P4/mbm and Pbam. The entropies of the phase transitions agree well with the model of structural distortions. Analysis of the thermal properties associated with the individual phase transitions in the framework of thermodynamic equations has shown a high reliability of the data obtained.