An ultrahigh-vacuum multifunctional apparatus for synthesis and in situ investigation of low-dimensional structures by spectral magnetoellipsometry in the temperature range of 85-900 K

Shevtsov, D. V.; Lyaschenko, S. A.; Varnakov, S. N. INSTRUMENTS AND EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES, 60 (5):759-763; 10.1134/S0020441217050086 SEP 2017

This paper presents the results of modernizing an ultrahigh-vacuum multifunctional apparatus that allows one to obtain semiconductor or metallic nanostructures in a single technological cycle and to investigate their optical and magneto-optical properties in a temperature range of 85–900 K. The capabilities of the developed system were demonstrated based on the example of studying the temperature dependence of the bulk Si permittivity via spectral ellipsometric measurements.