Mechanisms and Non-linear Problems of Nucleation and Growth of Crystals and Thin Films

July 1 - 5, 2019. St.Petersburg, Russia

International Conference

The conference focuses on mechanisms of nucleation and growth of crystals and thin films, new methods and approaches for growth of crystals (including  widebandgap semiconductors like SiC, AlN, GaN, Ga2O3 etc.), physics, chemistry and mechanics of crystalline surface, origin an  statisitcs of defects during growth, as well as fundamental problems of growth (nucleation, phase transitions, theory etc.)


The main topics of the conference are:

  • Mechanisms of crystal formation and growth in single- and multi-component systems: theoretical description of the process, numerical modeling, experimental results.
  • New methods and approaches to the description of growth and the investigation of different properties of wide-bandgap semiconductors.
  • Nonlinear and collective phenomena in the process of crystal growth.
  • Physics, chemistry, and mechanics of crystal surfaces
  • Origin and statistics of lattice defects and their effect on the properties and growth of crystals
  • Fundamental problems (nucleation theory, phase transitions etc.)
Extended proceedings of the conference will be published in a special issue of WoS and Scopus-indexed journal "Physics of the solid state" -  Springer.
Further information about the conference is available at the conference  official