Electrically induced anchoring transition in nematics with small or zero dielectric anisotropy

Sutormin, Vitaly Sergeevich; Krakhalev, Mikhail Nikolaevich; Prishchepa, Oxana Olegovna; Zyryanov, Victor Yakovlevich. LIQUID CRYSTALS, 44 (3):577-581; Doi: 10.1080/02678292.2016.1225840 FEB 2017

The orientational transitions induced by electrically controlled ionic modification of surface anchoring in liquid crystal cells based on the nematics with small or zero dielectric anisotropy Δε are considered. The type of director reorientation is shown to be independent of the sign of dielectric anisotropy and can be the same for the nematics with both negative and positive Δε. Besides, the orientational transition and corresponding switchable optical states do not depend on the Δε value and can be effectively realised even for the nematics with zero dielectric anisotropy.

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