Effect of the electrical inhomogeneity on the magnetocapacitance sign change in the HoxMn1−xS semiconductors upon temperature and frequency variation

Aplesnin, S.S., Sitnikov, M.N., Kharkov, A.M., Abdelbaki, H.// Journal of Materials Science//


The dielectric properties of the HoxMn1−xS (x ≤ 0.1) semiconductors in the frequency range of 100 < ω < 106 Hz at temperatures of 80−550 K have been studied. The temperature crossover from the Debye behavior of the permittivity to the resonance behavior has been found at low holmium concentrations in the compounds. The frequency of the crossover from the migration to dipole orientation polarization with the minimum dielectric loss has been determined. The positive and negative magnetocapacitances for two concentrations of holmium ions have been found. The temperature and frequency ranges of the magnetocapacitance sign change have been established and this phenomenon has been explained using the model of the transition from electrically inhomogeneous to homogeneous states.