Amino-bridged attapulgite@perovskite nanocomposites: the role of bridge linkage in their optical properties and stabilities

Qiu, L., Guan, M., Wang, W., (...), Dai, Z., Li, G.// Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers//


Perovskite-based nanocomposites have attracted significant interest due to their potential in interfacial engineering, optical modification, and stability enhancement. However, current understanding of the construction models between perovskites and guest materials is limited, and the design concept of perovskite-based nanocomposites remains unclear. Herein, we thoroughly investigated the effects of amino bridge linkages in attapulgite@perovskite nanocomposites on the crystallization kinetics, optical properties, and stabilities of perovskites. We monitored the difference in structural, compositional, and morphological characteristics. The attapulgite@perovskite nanocomposites with amino bridge linkages exhibited a smaller average size distribution of 23.8 ± 5.8 nm and demonstrated enhanced thermal stability (81% relative PL intensity after one heating–cooling cycle) and photo-stability (84% relative PL intensity after 30 h of ultraviolet light irradiation). These improvements can be attributed to effective passivation by the amino bridge linkages. Our work aims to deepen the understanding of perovskite-based nanocomposite construction and inspire new approaches for modifying their optical properties and enhancing their stability.