State-of-art plasmonic photonic crystals based on self-assembled nanostructures

Yadav, Ashish; Yadav, Neha; Agrawal, Vikash; Polyutov, Sergey P.; Tsipotan, Alexey S.; et al. Journal Of Materials Chemistry C. DOI: 10.1039/D0TC05254J

Controlled self-assembly of plasmonic photonic nanostructures provides a cost-effective and efficient methodology to expand plasmonic photonic nano-platforms with unique, tunable, and coupled optical characteristics. Keeping advantages and challenges in view, this review highlights contemporary advancements towards the development of self-assembly of a plasmonic photonic nanostructure using a colloidal solution and a self-assembly modeling technique along with exploring novel optical properties and associated prospects. The potential applications of self-assembled plasmonic photonic nano-systems to investigate next-generation optoelectronic devices, the need to reduce and increase scaling up aspects, and improve the performance, are also covered briefly in the review. The need of considerable efforts for the design and development towards establishing novel cost-effective methods to fabricate controlled self-assembled smart nano-plasmonic platforms is also highlighted in this mini-review. Key confronting issues that precisely limit the self-assemblies of photonic nanostructures and desired integration with other device components, mainly including uniformity within miniaturized devices are also discussed. This review will serve as a guideline and platform to plan advanced research in developing self-assembled plasmonic photonic nano-systems to investigate smart functional optical devices.


DOI: 10.1039/D0TC05254J