Light-Induced Ultrafast Dynamics of Spin Crossovers under High Pressure

Orlov, Yu S.; Nikolaev, S., V; Nesterov, A., I; Ovchinnikov, S. G. Journal Of Experimental And Theoretical Physics.

Within the multielectron model of magnetic insulator with two different spin terms at each cation and spin crossover under high pressure we have studied dynamics of a sudden excited non equilibrium spin state. We obtain the different relaxation of the magnetization, high spin/low spin occupation numbers, and the metal-oxygen bond length for different values of the external pressure. For each pressure-temperature values stationary state agrees to the mean field phase diagrams. We found the long living oscillations of magnetization for the high spin ground state at small pressure. Close to crossover pressure the smooth relaxation is accompanied with a set of sharp strongly non linear oscillations of magnetization and HS/LS occupation numbers that are accompanied by the Franck–Condon resonances.