Vtyurin Aleksandr N.


Phone: +7 (391) 249-42-94

Fax: +7 (391) 243-89-23

E-mail: vtyurin@iph.krasn.ru

Born March 13, 1956



Krasnoyarsk State University, Physical Faculty, 1978




Scientific Degree:

  • Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, 1981

(Cand. Sci. Dissertation Optical Properties of Incommensurate Phases of the K2SeO4 Ferroelectric Crystals)

  • Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 2002

(Doctoral Dissertation Raman Scattering Study of the Structural Phase Transitions in Dielectric Crystals with Molecular Groups)


  • Principal Scientist at Kirensky Institute of Physics SB RAS.
  • Professor, Head of Photonics and Laser Technologies, Institute of Engineering Physics and Radioelectronics,  Siberian Federal University.


Research interests:

  • Optical and spectral properties of dielectric crystals,
  • Raman spectroscopy and nonlinear optics in ferroelectric, molecular, incommensurate, and disordered systems.
  • Structure and macroscopic properties of crystals, lattice dynamics, phase transitions.


Selected works:

  1. Krylov A. S., Sofronova, S. N., Gudim, I. A., Krylova, S. N., Kumar R., Vtyurin A.N. Manifestation of magnetoelastic interactions in Raman spectra of HoxNd1 – xFe3(BO3)4 crystals. // J. Adv. Dielectrics, 2018. Vol. 8. P. 1850011.
  2. Goryainov S.V., Krylov A.S., Polyansky O.P., Vtyurin A.N. In-situ Raman study of phengite compressed in water medium under simultaneously high P–T parameters. // J. Raman Spec. 2017. V. 48. P. 1431–1437.
  3. Krylov A., Vtyurin A., Petkov P., Senkovska I., Maliuta M., Bon V., Heine T., Kaskel S., Slyusareva E. Raman spectroscopy studies of the terahertz vibrational modes of a DUT-8 (Ni) metal–organic framework // Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017, V. 19. P 32099–32104.
  4. Gerasimova Yu.V., Oreshonkov A.S., Laptash N.M., Vtyurin A.N., Krylov A.S., Shestakov N.P., Ershov A.A., Kocharova A.G. Nature of phase transitions in ammonium oxofluorovanadates, a vibrational spectroscopy study of (NH4)3VO2F4 and (NH4)3VOF5 // Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. 2017. V. 176. P. 106-113.
  5. Chernov A. I., Fedotov P. V., Krylov A. S., Vtyurin A. N., Obraztsova E. D. Heat-induced transformations in coronene-single-walled carbon nanotube systems // Journal of Nanophotonics, 2016. –V. 10. – P. 012504-1 – 012504-7.
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  11. A.S. Krylov , S.N. Krylova , A.N. Vtyurin , V.N. Voronov , and A.S. Oreshonkov, Raman Scattering Study of the Temperature Phase Transitions in the Rb2KInF6 Crystal // Ferroelectrics, 2011, vol. 416, no 1, p. 95.
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