Crystal growth and cation order of Ni3-xCoxB2O6 oxyborates

Svetlana Sofronova, Evgeniya Moshkina, Artem Chernyshev, Aleksandr Vasiliev, Nikolai G. Maximov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovsky, Tatyana Andryushchenko and Aleksandr Shabanova // Crystengcomm //


A series of single crystals of Ni3−xCoxB2O6 compounds with the kotoite structure and with different concentrations of transition metal ions (x = 0; 0.19; 0.6; 0.93 and 2) were obtained. The lattice parameters and atomic coordinates were determined using X-ray diffraction. The theoretical calculations using the WIEN2k package predict that nickel ions tend to occupy the 4f crystallographic position, while cobalt ions tend to occupy the 2a crystallographic position. The study of the diffuse scattering spectra and comparison of the Racah parameters for the compounds Ni3B2O6 and Co2NiB2O6 provides experimental evidence that nickel ions occupy crystallographic position 4f.