Tuning Q-Factor and Perfect Absorption Using Coupled Tamm States on Polarization-Preserving Metasurface

Rudakova, N.V., Bikbaev, R.G., Tyryshkina, L.E., Vetrov, S.Y., Timofeev, I.V.// Photonics//


The circular polarization of light flips its handedness after a conventional metallic mirror reflection. Therefore, a polarization-preserving metasurface is a crucially important element in a series of chiral photonic structures. They include tunable cholesteric LCs and anisotropic photonic crystals. Chiral structures are rich in interfacial localized modes including Tamm states. In this report, coupled modes formed as a result of the interaction between two chiral optical Tamm states or a chiral optical Tamm state and a chiral Tamm plasmon polariton are analytically and numerically investigated. It is shown that the effective control of coupled modes can be carried out by changing the pitch of the cholesteric and the angle between the optical axis of the cholesteric and the polarization-preserving anisotropic mirror. The influence of the metasurface period on the spectral characteristics of coupled modes is investigated. The possibility of realizing a bound state in the continuum of the Friedrich–Wintgen type, resulting from the destructive interference of coupled modes, which leads to the collapse of the resonance line corresponding to the chiral optical Tamm state, has been demonstrated.