Complete light polarization control using a chiral-nematic cell with tangential-conical boundary conditions

Abylgazy S. Abdullaev, Denis A. Kostikov, Mikhail N. Krakhalev , Victor Ya. Zyryanov // Optical Materials //

Light polarization control by the chiral-nematic cell with hybrid tangential-conical boundary conditions has been studied by means of photo- and electrically induced transformations of the orientational structure. The polarization azimuth changes due to the power ratio of ultraviolet and blue radiations, at which the director twist angle in the chiral nematic varies smoothly. The light polarization ellipticity is controlled by an electric field applied perpendicular to the liquid crystal cell changing the effective anisotropy of the refractive index. The optical material under study is promising to develop the devices for the light polarization converter over the entire visible range, as well as for photo-controlled rotators of linear polarization of white light.