Anomalous Spectral Shift of o-Modes in Multilayer Photonic Structure Induced by Homeotropic–Homeoplanar Transition in Chiral–Nematic Defect Layer

Gunyakov, V.A., Sutormin, V.S., Timofeev, I.V., Shabanov, V.F., Zyryanov, V.Y.// Photonics//

A chiral nematic is embedded between multilayer mirrors to obtain voltage-inducible polarized resonance spectra. Initially, the nematic director is uniformly oriented perpendicular to the mirrors’ surfaces because the chiral nematic helix is completely untwisted due to the homeotropic boundary conditions specified by the adsorbed cations. Then, a voltage is applied to remove the layer of surface-active cations from the input mirror. The obtained twisted homeoplanar configuration has a helix pitch exceeding the layer’s thickness. The twisting leads to the anomalous blue shift of the o-modes in the transmittance spectrum of the photonic structure. This blue shift can be effectively compensated by repulsion of spectral peaks as a result of mode coupling in the vicinity of the virtual avoided crossing point. The experimental results obtained are confirmed numerically using the 4 × 4 transfer matrix method and explained with the contribution of a geometric phase.