Spin dynamics and exchange interaction in orthoferrite TbFeO3 with non-Kramers rare-earth ion

S. A. Skorobogatov, K. A. Shaykhutdinov, D. A. Balaev, M. S. Pavlovskii, A. A. Krasikov, K. Yu. Terentjev// Physical Review B//

The low-temperature spin dynamics of the orthorhombic TbFeO3 perovskite has been studied. It has been found that the inelastic neutron scattering (INS) spectrum contains two modes corresponding to different sublattices in the compound. The iron subsystem orders antiferromagnetically at TN = 632 K and exhibits the high-energy magnon dispersion. Magnetic dynamics of this subsystem has been described using the linear spin wave theory and our solution yields sizable anisotropy between in-plane and out-of-plane exchange interactions. This approach was previously used to describe the magnon dispersion in the TmFeO3 compound. Three non-dispersive crystal electric field levels corresponding to Tb3+ ions have been established in the region below 40 meV at about 17, 26, and 35 meV. Study of diffuse scattering at different temperatures has elucidated the behavior of the magnetic correlation length. The behavior of the Tb3+ ion subsystem has been numerically described in the framework of the point charge model. The numerical data agree satisfactorily with the experiment and with the general concept of the single-ion approximation applied to the rare-earth subsystem of orthorhombic perovskites.