Anisotropy and Crystallite Misalignment in Textured Superconductors

Gokhfeld, D.M., Semenov, S.V., Petrov, M.I., Nemtsev, I.V., Balaev, D.A.// Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism//

A misalignment of anisotropic crystallites causes small values of anisotropy and decreases the critical current density of textured polycrystalline superconductors. To relate the crystallite misalignment and out-plane anisotropy, the magnetic properties of the textured Bi2223 polycrystalline superconductor were investigated. A distribution of orientation angles of crystallites was determined using different data: scanning electron microscopy images and hysteresis magnetization loops when an external magnetic field was applied at different angles with respect to the texturing plane of the sample. It was demonstrated that the standard deviation of the distribution and the magnetic disorder angle of crystallites in textured samples can be determined from the magnetization data in perpendicular directions. These data may be either the irreversible magnetization measured for two different orientations of the sample or the simultaneously measured magnetization projections parallel and perpendicular to the magnetic field.