Dual wavelength Talbot self-imaging using facet patterned nonlinear crystals

Vyunishev, A. M.; Myslivets, S. A.; Fokin, V. A.; Volochaev, M. N.; Smolyarova, T. E.; Radionov, N., V; Zaitsev, A., I; Arkhipkin, V. G.; Chirkin, A. S. Source: OPTICS LETTERS, 44 (15):3761-3764; 10.1364/OL.44.003761 AUG 1 2019

A method for functional patterning of facets of a nonlinear crystal using focused ion beam milling has been developed. The near-field diffraction on periodic gratings has been experimentally and theoretically studied. The periodicity of the structure enables Talbot self-imaging at the fundamental and second-harmonic frequencies simultaneously. Spatial interference patterns for both harmonic frequencies are individual ones, which can enable the higher-accuracy optical testing, coupling the radiation at both frequencies, and wavelength-division demultiplexing. The impact of the aperture effect on a Talbot carpet is discussed.