Power-law behavior of coercivity in nanocrystalline magnetic alloys with grain-size distribution

Bolyachkin, AS; Komogortsev, SV SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, 152 55-58; 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2018.04.008 JUL 15 2018

Coercivity of nanocrystalline magnetic alloys depends on the grain size D according to a power law HcDn with n from 2 to 6. The law HcD6 is derived based on the random magnetic anisotropy model and is clearly manifested in experimental studies of some Finemet type alloys. In this letter using computer modeling it is demonstrated that a power-law behavior with the exponent n less than 6 can be due to a grain-size distribution. An increase of grain size variance results in a decrease of the exponent from 6 to the value of about 3.