A Three-Mode Microstrip Resonator and a Miniature Ultra-Wideband Filter Based on It

Belyaev, BA; Khodenkov, SA; Leksikov, AA; Shabanov, VF DOKLADY PHYSICS, 62 (6):289-293; 10.1134/S102833581706009X JUN 2017

An original microstrip resonator design with a strip conductor split by a slot at one of its ends is investigated. It is demonstrated that at the optimal slot sizes, when the eigenfrequency of the second oscillation mode hits the center between the first and third oscillation modes, the resonator can work as a thirdorder bandpass filter. The structure formed from only two such resonators electromagnetically coupled by split conductor sections is a miniature six-order wideband filter with high selectivity. The test prototype of the filter with a central passband frequency of ~1.2 GHz and a passband width of ~0.75 GHz fabricated on a substrate ~(45 × 11 × 1) mm3 in size with a permittivity of 80 is characterized by minimum loss in a passband of 0.5 dB. The parametric synthesis of the filter structure was performed using electrodynamic analysis of the 3D model. The measured characteristics of the test prototype agree well with the calculated data.