Laboratory of Electrodynamics and Microwave Electronics


Laboratory Staff

Selected Publications

Research Focus

  • Study of propagation of electromagnetic waves in complex structures, including coupled resonators and photonic crystals, and in various structures containing active media (thin magnetic films, liquid crystals, and high-temperature superconductors).
  • Development of electrically controllable and tunable microwave devices based on active media of different types.
  • Development of technology for fabricating magnetic thin films and multilayer structures applied in nonlinear microwave devices and weak quasi-stationary and high-frequency magnetic field sensors.
  • Theoretical and experimental study of the high-frequency magnetic properties of films, liquid crystals, and other advanced materials for optoelectronics and electronics.
  • Scientific instrument engineering.


Advanced Results

  • We proposed new principles for design of miniature high-selectivity microwave devices, including filters with the stopband exceeding the passband central frequency by a factor of more than 40 and a suppression level therein of over 100 dB.
  • We designed and fabricated a computer-aided complex for designing, manufacturing, and testing microstrip and stripline microwave devices and devices on a suspended substrate.
  • We established the technological conditions for fabricating thin magnetic films and film structures with desired characteristics. Micromagnetic models of magnetic multilayer structures built by us describe static and dynamic characteristics of the obtained films.
  • We fabricated automated setups for operational control of characteristics of the magnetic thin films and film structures.
  • We proposed a new principle for fabricating physical quantity sensors capable of measuring permittivity and permeability of different materials at microwave frequencies.


  • Automated scanning FMR spectrometer
  • Device for optical measurements of thin magnetic film thickness
  • MultiLayers Program for calculating domain structure, magnetization reversal processes, and spin-wave resonance spectra in single-layer and multilayer film structures
  • Program for ferromagnetic resonance study of parameters of magnetic thin film samples (FMR-Extractor)
  • Filtex32 Expert System for computer-aided design and study of bandpass microstrip and stripline filters
  • Magnetic thin film-based microstrip magnetometer for detection of weak quasi-stationary and high-frequency fields
  • Over 80 designed resonators, filters, and other microwave devices protected by copyright certificates and Russian and Eurasian patents

The manufactured microwave devices operate in the frequency range from 50 MHz to 35 GHz. Bandpass filters with a bandwidth from 0.6 to 100% were fabricated. Phase shifters with a Q factor of 150 deg/dB were developed and fabricated.

Research Techniques

  • Radio measurements
  • Dielectrometry
  • Micromagnetic modeling
  • Electrodynamic analysis of 3D models of complex structures, including those containing active media
  • Vacuum thermal and magnetron sputtering


  • Vac-Tec Orion 40TM Vacuum Sputtering System
  • Automated Scanning FMR Spectrometer
  • Device for optical measurements of thin magnetic film thickness
  • Setup based on an R&S ZNB20 vector network analyzer for measurements of the frequency response of filters
  • Setup based on an R&S ZVA40 vector network analyzer and climatic chamber for testing microwave devices
  • Setup for studying microwave devices at high input powers in the frequency range from 80 MHz to 6 GHz (100 W)
  • Setup for measuring dielectric characteristics of ceramic substrates and other materials in the meter, decimeter, and centimeter wavelengths over a wide temperature range