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The Movie: RQPM autocorrelator pattern variation with pulse delay

The Movie: RQPM autocorrelator pattern variation with pulse delay.

Research focus:

  • Optical and spectral properties of photonic crystals (PCs)
  • Controllable PCs (electromagnetically induced transparency and Raman interaction)
  • PCs with liquid-crystal inclusions
  • Resonance PCs
  • Nonlinear PCs
  • Fast and slow light
  • Nonlinear optical processes in metamaterials
  • Nanocolloids: structural self-organization and interaction with optical radiation
  • Study of the structural phase transformations in solid-state reactions and atomic ordering in thin films by transmission electron microscopy, high-resolution electron diffraction, and X-ray diffraction microanalysis


Advanced Results

  1. Nonlinear-optical frequency conversion of femtosecond Ti : sapphire laser radiation in the stochastic quasi-phase-matching.
  2. Nonlinear Cherenkov diffraction of femtosecond laser pulses in irregular domain structures of strontium tetraborate.
  3. Generation of fs pulses down to 121 nm in strontium tetraborate.
  4. Raman-induced gratings in atomic media.
  5. Optical transistor based on a photonic crystal with Raman defect.
  6. Polarization-optical characteristics of light in one-dimensional photonic crystals with a twisted nematic defect layer.
  7. Solid-state reactions and order-disorder transitions in Pd/α‑Fe(001) thin films.
  8. Two-photon dynamics in the coherent Rydberg atomic ensemble.

 Research Techniques

  • Methods of nonlinear optics and quantum mechanics
  • Computer simulation
  • Experimental methods of optics, optical spectroscopy, and laser physics
  • Electron microscopy


  • TSUNAMI Femtosecond Laser (Spectra Physics)
  • LEA-S500 Laser Elemental Analyzers (Solar TII)
  • MSDD1000 Monochromator (Solar TII)
  • Ocean Optics 2000 Spectrum Analyzer
  • Solid-state lasers
  • Supercontinuum Generation Module
  • Single-Photon Detector
  • Far- and Vacuum-Ultraviolet Spectrometer